What’s Wrong With Our Teachers?

Recently, we’ve all been bombarded with the news that yet another teacher has been exposed having an illegal relationship with one or more of their students. The most recent I’m aware of involves a 38 year old male teacher named Neal Erickson in Michigan’s West Branch-Rose City school district. He was discovered to have started abusing a male student from the age of 14, and he’s now been sentenced to a total of 15-30 years for his behavior.

What makes this case so appalling is the fact that seven of his fellow staffers from this school have openly supported him and lobbied for leniency for his “inappropriate relationship”. Some have stated that he “is not a predator”, despite the fact that he openly admitted to being one! I think these “live-in denial” teachers are so twisted in their thinking that they should be immortalized for their bizzare stand on this case, so here they are:

Michael Eagan, Board member: sat in support of defendant and teachers
Amy Huber Eagan, teacher: asked for minimum sentence
Sally Campbell, teacher: Says defendant Erickson “made a mistake”
Harriet Coe, teacher: says defendant Erickson is “not a predator”
Carol Rau, Vocal Music Teacher: asked for leniency
Kathleen Scheel, teacher: says defendant Erickson is “not a predator”
Kathleen Palmer, teacher: asked for leniency, been punished enough, etc…
Sandi Lee, teacher: asked for leniency, been punished enough, etc….
Marilyn S Glover, teacher: says defendant Erickson is “not a sexual predator”

Note to these confused teachers: When you, as an adult, engage in sexual behavior with a minor child as defined by law you are, in fact, a  criminal and a  sexual predator  under the laws of every state in the USA. When you have more empathy and regard for predators than victims, it is an indicator of deep-seated issues in you, and raises a honking-big red flag in folks like me.

You may think I’m being un-Christian here, and you are entitled to your opinion. Regardless, I have to wonder why these teachers are so sympathetic to a self-confessed and convicted sexual predator, while they haven’t sent letters of sympathy or support to the victim of this criminal. Does that not make you also wonder?

Just for reference, I’m posting links here, here, and here regarding some of the other affairs coming to light in recent months. There seems to have been some form of insanity gripping teachers around the world, as it’s not limited to the USA, either, as these links here and here demonstrate.

I think it’s time to send a loud and clear message to teachers nation-wide that, if you engage in predatory behavior with our minor children, you will pay major long-term penalties, and your families will suffer along with, and because of you.

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