That Wondrous Name

words and music by Michael P. Hamilton, 2000

(Verse 1)
In my mind there was confusion; in my heart, no melody
And things that I held dear just made me see
All along I never really was as free as friends that I had known made me believe
I was just a young man walking on my way through life, never knowing where the path I trod would lead
I walked a long and endless road of misery never knowing that a savior died for me to set me free

Anticipation filled my heart one day
Then Jesus came and took my sins away
He put a new song in my heart to stay
For me He came and gave His Name–that wondrous name!

(Verse 2)
Now and then I think about the way that I have lived
I knew how to take but Jesus taught me how to give
I’ve known the pain of loneliness and I’ve known the pain of loss
I’ve known the power of He who gave His life upon the cross
I have known the suffering of love that has gone wrong
I’ve known the emptiness of wondering “Where do I belong?”
I’ve known the crushing weight of satan and his hoards
But I know that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

(Chorus, then up 1/2)

(Verse 3)
Although many times I’ve stumbled and fallen short of Him
Though I’ve often hurt the ones I loved through selfishness and sin
And though I’ve gone so far from Him I was sure I’d go insane
I have found my Savior’s grace is still the same
Now my mind has no confusion; my heart has melodies
Like a sparkling crystal river flowing up and out of me
Though satan and his minions often tried to torment me
Still I know that who the Son of Man sets free is free, indeed!


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