Sharon’s Dream: A Visit With The Master

Today I thought I’d share a guest post from Sharon Daugherty, one of the ladies at The River, where we attend worship. It speaks for itself:

Good morning, my FB family!

Very early this morning I thought The Lord had something else He wanted me to share with you today, but I was wrong. I had my prayer time at 4am as usual. I fell back asleep and God gave me a dream;

As I walk through the large golden gates my eye’s encounter sights I have never seen. I walk along the pathway of cobble stone and my surroundings are a breathtaking experience of color and wonder that my being has never witnessed before. The smell of the air was sweet, yet not sweet. Like fresh fruit, but not fruity….and as I inhaled, my nostrils were overtaken by the power of the smell that was like nothing that had ever touched them before, and the taste on my lips was sweeter than honeydew.

I sit down by a babbling brook and gaze at the wonder of the countryside. So many bright colors of flowers, colors I had never seen before that I can not even describe. The brightness of it all was almost more than I could take in. I am breathless at it all. There are no words that I can put into my mind, no words big enough or powerful enough to explain the grandeur that stood before me. The feeling was more serene than I had ever felt, and the peace engulfed me like arms of magic that made me feel as though I could fly away.

As my eye’s look on the brook in front of me, fish are playing with one another like I have seen children playing on a playground together. As they pass in front of me, they stop…lift their heads from the water….look at me as if to say, “Welcome Home”, then go on their way of play.

As I look up I see a figure approaching from afar. I sit patiently waiting….wondering. As his destination reaches closer the brilliance of his being is overpowering, but my eye’s will not look away. Strangely, somehow the peace within me grows even stronger. I can actually feel my heart doing triple beats.

He now stands before me and suddenly I am humble with adoration beyond my my wildest imagination. All I can see are his eye’s. Those eye’s….eye’s like I have never encountered…ever. Powerful, warm, loving, gripping eye’s. I feel I must look away but I can not.

He speaks…..”I love you.” How many times have I heard those words spoken to me before….But!! When I heard them this time they were different…so very different.  They were like a giant magnet that grabbed me and I knew….I knew they were never going to let me go.

He sits…we talk…It is Good !

My dream my God gave me this morning. He loves us, my family….HE LOVES US! Love Ya.

Shared with permission from Sharon Daugherty, who originally shared it on her Facebook page on 30 September, 2014.

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