Sex, Cannabis, and Divine Order

For years I struggled with this simple idea: If everything God made is “very good”, why are there so many horrible things attached to them?

Two notorious cases in point: sex and cannabis. I don’t even need to expound on the evils that can proceed from sex, as most of my friends already have seen so many examples in their own lives as well as in the lives of their loved ones, which brings me to cannabis. Again, almost everyone has seen the evils that come from it’s use and sale, and the lives ruined because of it.

How can any of this be good while also being evil? I finally found a simple, Biblical answer years ago: “Divine order”. Ultimately, everything God created was, indeed, very good, but only when used in the manner in which it was created to be used. Every conceivable evil hammering the world around us, and those we love and care about, results from ignoring God’s divine order of things.

Many years ago, I found that some folks were using cannabis to reduce and/or eliminate headaches and nausea caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This changed my mind and opened up many possibilities regarding these things. More recently I’ve seen abundant evidence of cancer being cured by the use of cannabis oil, under doctor’s supervision.

This has “blurred the lines” for many, and some may say I’m backsliding for this position, but I must disagree. The problem isn’t, and never was, that these things are inherently evil, nor is their use inherently evil. The problem has always been failure to recognize and follow God’s divine order in the use of such things.

The first “divine order” that must be established in all things is “moderation”, or “temperance”. While recreational use of sex and drugs has power to destroy, Godly moderate use of these things, following a Biblical plan, can bring health and life. To paraphrase another writer: If you can’t see how such things can be used for Godly and good purposes, you simply don’t understand God’s design for them yet. And that isn’t God’s problem — it’s yours.

I’ve said all this so I can end with the following: I’m going to stand at this time with Michelle Malkin and her recent discovery and use of these things for her mother-in-law’s health and well-being, as I believe that they have found a Godly, Biblical manner in which to use them.

Go in peace, Michelle, and God’s abundant grace be with you all.

If you’re interested in Michelle Malkin’s article on this topic, you can view it here.
If you wish to see some other references, start here, here, and here. Youtube is also full of references and testimonies on this topic. In addition to fighting cancer, see Youtube’s testimonies regarding hemp oil’s effectiveness in treating seizures.

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