Scurrying Like Rats

I’ve been noticing all the politicians scurrying like rats and jockeying for the best position now that SCOTUS is hearing arguments on gay marriage. Why, there are even some last-minute “converts” to the gay cause, falling over themselves like a bunch of horney drunken frat kids trying to impress their respective audiences.

I have a problem with this.

You can make all the laws you want legalizing gay marriage. It doesn’t matter. Neither SCOTUS, POTUS, FLOTUS, The entire United States government, nor even the over-puffed-up UN has any authority with God on this matter. It will remain, no matter what laws you pass, an abomination before God, and those that do so will remain an abomination before Him for doing so. Those who continue to defy His laws and ways will neither see, nor enter into The Kingdom of Heaven. Whenever you fight against God and His order, established in Heaven, you – will – lose.

Want to get into The Kingdom of God and see it for yourself? Repent of your sins and believe the Gospel according to Jesus Christ. There is no other way, and no other name given under Heaven by which we must be saved.

I’ve never been able to figure out what it is in human nature that causes so many to think that, if we have enough on our side, that makes us right, and everyone else wrong. Perhaps it’s the erroneous idea that everything in the universe is run by democracy.  This, of course, leads to the inevitable posturing we now see as the courts decide the fate of California’s Proposition #8, which the voters already decided, and which politicians are obsessed with ignoring. Time will tell what the result of this idiocy is, but it sure is providing some entertaining exposure of human nature in all it’s desperation.

This doesn’t bode well for California, nor for those politicians now jockeying for best positions, and their respective states would be well-advised to watch these turncoats closely in the future. It appears they have sold their souls and their constituents to another bidder with diminishing returns..

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