Remembering Ruby Ridge

I remember watching the events unfold on Ruby Ridge years ago and thinking that no federal agent has ever served a single night in jail for any of their crimes against the citizens of The United States from the time of the Bonus March after WW1 even to Ruby Ridge. The sniper that murdered an innocent, unarmed woman with a baby in her arms got off “scott-free”, and one of the criminals in charge of this fiasco even got promoted. Both should have been summarily executed, and that, quite publicly. It remains one of the most glaring examples of federal abuse of power since the Bonus March after World War One. Even more scandalous was the difference between the media’s early coverage of these events as compared to the later coverage. Those smart enough to turn their VCRs on early got some really good footage showing our terrorist feds in their most terrifying and unfavorable light. All such footage would quickly disappear from network news coverage within 24 hours. To this day, the only place where you’re likely to find any evidence of such footage is at flea markets and gun shows, or other places where supporters of the US Constitution hang out.

I’m posting a link here, here, and here to other articles on the anniversary of this tragic event. Events like this are one of the reasons why we have the first 10 amendments to The US Constitution, and should never be forgotten under any circumstances. Neither should the names of those that perpetrated these crimes.

Along these lines, I thought it would be a good idea to post links here and here regarding the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. In-depth coverage of this tragic event is also available elsewhere online and at gun shows and other Constitution-oriented events/gatherings.

Both of the aforementioned events are still fresh in the minds of many American citizens who not only refuse to forget, but also refuse to let government officials forget as well, and for good reason. Make your own decisions regarding these tragic events and their outcomes.

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