Religious Freedom in Modern America

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”
~from the First Amendment to the United States Constitution

For years the above excerpt of the First Amendment was clearly understood by all to mean that it would be unconstitutional, and therefore, illegal to make someone violate their own religious beliefs to cater to yours, or to your lack thereof, regardless of who you are or what your own beliefs may or may not be. In today’s political climate, however, there has arisen a growing number of people who are absolutely bent on not only imposing their own beliefs and practices on others, but also requiring others to celebrate and participate in their beliefs, regardless of how repugnant they may be. Now the good folks of Arizona have proposed, and their legislature has passed, a “Religious Freedom” bill, SB1062, which would reinstate protection from lawsuits to those who refuse to violate their own beliefs for these growing litigants that wish to sue people over these matters. I believe that Arizona’s new law should never have been needed.

Personally, I really don’t care what your lifestyle is, nor do I care what your religious beliefs are. You will answer to God for these whether or not you believe it or like it. We all will answer for every idle word. I feel that, if someone doesn’t want to provide the service I ask for, they are entitled to refuse to serve me, and anyone else they want, for any reason they want, any time they want. There are plenty of other places I can go for whatever services I’d want to hire, and therefore no rational reason to clog the courts with lawsuits over such matters. One would think that mature, rational adults could accept this, but evidently some folks are neither mature, nor yet rational.

Lets look at a hypothetical scenario:

A man goes into a Jewish establishment and asks for pork sausage. Naturally, the owner of this establishment cannot comply with the customer’s request, because doing so would violate the Jewish man’s religious beliefs.

Should this man file a lawsuit, or simply go somewhere else with his business? A mature, rational man would simply go somewhere else to fill his order and feel no need to violate the Jewish man’s beliefs, right? Not so when it comes to the homosexual movement. For them, everyone else must comply and celebrate their behavior, whether it violates someone else religious beliefs or not, and to make an example of this Jewish businessman, a lawsuit would be filed. No expense would be spared trumpeting this case, and our vaunted media elites would go on a feeding frenzy, broadcasting this case as an example of some perceived injustice. The Jewish shop owner’s reputation would be destroyed if possible, and his business would be shut down as well to seal the deal.

I stated above that I don’t really care what your beliefs are or aren’t, and this is true, but only to a point. That point, of course, being where you require me to participate in your beliefs while ignoring, and therefore, violating my own. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and choices, but nobody is entitled to force others to comply with their beliefs, or lack thereof. You want to commit homosexual acts? No problem. They did that in Jesus’ day, and nobody went to jail or filed lawsuits over it. You want to change your body and pretend you’re not the same sex you were born with? Go for it. Just don’t require me to do so. You might look more manly, or you might even look hot and feminine, but that will be irrelevant. Not only will your genes remain the same as they were the day of your birth, but you will still never have the right to require anyone else to participate with you in our decisions and behavior. Your decisions are yours, and yours alone to make and live with.

I certainly have no requirement for others to participate with me in my decisions, whether they are sinful or not, and neither should anyone else. If I want pork, or lamb, that is my decision, and I will go where such can be provided without interfering with the beliefs of others. The same simple principle applies to sexual appetites and behaviors. Go in peace.

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