Guest post from Tammi Skidmore

This is for anyone wandering if God is real, or not. He is! Read my story and see.

I heard my parents praying that I would make it through the night…..Around 3am. something woke me up and I wasn’t sick anymore. I saw Him standing, holding out His arms to me. He really did have a robe on. And sandals, too. I could see the crown of thorns on His head, but the halo of light blinded His actual facial features. He stood there with His hands outstretched toward me and said, “Come to Me, My child.” I pinched myself to make sure what I was seeing was not a dream and wanted nothing more than to walk into the arms of Jesus for a hug! I went to get up and go to Him, but when I did I took my eyes off Him to push myself up off the couch and He was gone.

Next morning I was at the breakfast table with the rest of the family when I made this announcement. “Oh! By the way, there was a man in the house last night!. Mom nearly choked on her coffee, then asked very calmly, “Did you know this man?” When I relied “Yes!” she choked her coffee down again. You could see she was brewing up a tantrum, thinking that someone we know had the audacity to come into our home while we slept! I immediately put her mind to rest by telling her, “No mom! It was Jesus!” Then came another choke on her coffee! Oh how it must have felt to raise a kid such as me! Hehe! Mom asked me a bunch of questions as to what He looked like, what was He wearing and things like that, when I told her, “Mom, let me tell you from the beginning everything that happened.” When I got to the part where He spoke those words, “Come to Me, My child.” mom nearly choked on her coffee once again. She said in a very excited voice, “He spoke to you?!” Well, I didn’t think anything about that! Why wouldn’t He speak to me? But, mom said all the books she’s read where people have told their stories of seeing Jesus, none or very few of them ever wrote that He spoke orally to them.

As a little girl, I just assumed this was a “somewhat normal” thing that happened. As an adult, I don’t know of a single person who has had the same experience. I don’t know why this happened to me, but I know one thing! God sent His Son to pay me a visit! Why? It doesn’t matter. You may say He came to heal me that night, but I know there was much more to it than that. All through the years I have known that God is real and I could never ever deny Him because He sent His Son to come pay me a visit! For those of you who may be reading this, if you know me then you know I would never ever make this up because I fear God. He is my Father and like any good father, if your child told a lie, the child would get reprimanded in one way or another. Just strike me dead, God if this is a lie! You only need to truly fear God if you are not walking in His light! Please God, I pray this helps someone to realize how very real You really are.

PS. I will get my hug one day!

Administrator note:  This was originally posted by Tammi (Herron) Skidmore on her Facebook page on 12 Sept, 2015. I was given permission to place a copy here as a guest post. I have some amazing friends!

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California’s Water Problem

California’s Governor Brown has issued an executive order requiring everyone to cut back water usage by 25%. It may be too little too late, as California has spent the last 100 years or so trying to use water like it all was an unlimited entitlement. Many nations have nowhere near the water in any given year that California squanders. It was originally large tracts of desert scrub and, while I think it was unwise to plant stuff there that doesn’t naturally grow in this type of land, the fact remains that they did, and we all have enjoyed it’s benefits.

California is facing the worst drought in it’s history. While some may regard this as a natural “judgement” against this state for tolerating wickedness and sin, the Christian community nationwide must never forget three important things:

1) Pray for them. They need it, and so does their land.
2) You shall not rejoice when the calamity of the wicked comes upon them.
3) A huge percentage of our fruit and produce comes from California. Don’t think for a moment that you will not be affected by what happens to them.

The first is a sacred duty of all saints, while the second is a commandment God gave His people back in old testament times, and is still valid today. After all, there is no “big” or “little” sin in God’s sight, for any sin is still sin, and we all are sinful by our very nature.

That third item? It’s just common sense. Perhaps it’s also time to pray about starting your own produce garden while learning some water retention and conservation techniques. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to not be so dependent on others to grow our food. It doesn’t come from store shelves, after all.

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My Response To Jihad

Iran’s Ayatollah wants to wage jihad against America, which he considers “the great satan”.

Our POTUS considers this a “historic opportunity”.

I agree….at what other time in history could some treasonous creep preside over the destruction of his own country while pretending to “make peace”? That is truly historic.

The phrase  “by peace he shall destroy wonderfully”  comes to mind here.

I’m convinced that the only way to deal with these savages is to give them the death they so insanely long for…. wait until Ramadan or some other muslim “holy day” and drop a couple 30k conventional warheads on Mecca and Medina, then announce to the islamic world that, in the future, any attempts to wage jihad in any form against American interests will result in their so-called “holy sites” being turned into glass parking lots, with the rest of the islamic world to follow based on their responses. Any nation that wishes to remain non-glass should get some serious religion about wiping islamic jihadists from the face of the earth and leaving the rest of us alone. Forever.

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Ferguson Burns

As the title says, the city of Ferguson is burning and, in predictable fashion, all the rioters have accomplished is to attack and destroy their own. Nearly all of the businesses destroyed or looted have been owned by minorities. In the midst of all this, a couple of nitwit reporters have decided to publish the address of Officer Wilson, presumably so the rioters can exact the “justice’ that the liberal media wants, which will make more headlines for the liberal media to “report”  on, of course. The names and addresses of these two idiots are below for your own cerebral enrichment. I agree with the other reporters that feel it only fair to reveal their addresses, since they published Officer Wilson’s. Good for the goose, good for the gander.

The following info can be found here, here, and here.  The photo below is borrowed, and I hope I got it linked correctly (I don’t make money from this).


Julie Bosman of The New York Times
CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204

Campbell Robertson, also of The New York Times
NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203

None of the above is intended to violate any known law, and none of it may be used to violate any known law. So there.

Without prejudice,
Michael P. Hamilton


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Sharon’s Dream: A Visit With The Master

Today I thought I’d share a guest post from Sharon Daugherty, one of the ladies at The River, where we attend worship. It speaks for itself:

Good morning, my FB family!

Very early this morning I thought The Lord had something else He wanted me to share with you today, but I was wrong. I had my prayer time at 4am as usual. I fell back asleep and God gave me a dream;

As I walk through the large golden gates my eye’s encounter sights I have never seen. I walk along the pathway of cobble stone and my surroundings are a breathtaking experience of color and wonder that my being has never witnessed before. The smell of the air was sweet, yet not sweet. Like fresh fruit, but not fruity….and as I inhaled, my nostrils were overtaken by the power of the smell that was like nothing that had ever touched them before, and the taste on my lips was sweeter than honeydew.

I sit down by a babbling brook and gaze at the wonder of the countryside. So many bright colors of flowers, colors I had never seen before that I can not even describe. The brightness of it all was almost more than I could take in. I am breathless at it all. There are no words that I can put into my mind, no words big enough or powerful enough to explain the grandeur that stood before me. The feeling was more serene than I had ever felt, and the peace engulfed me like arms of magic that made me feel as though I could fly away.

As my eye’s look on the brook in front of me, fish are playing with one another like I have seen children playing on a playground together. As they pass in front of me, they stop…lift their heads from the water….look at me as if to say, “Welcome Home”, then go on their way of play.

As I look up I see a figure approaching from afar. I sit patiently waiting….wondering. As his destination reaches closer the brilliance of his being is overpowering, but my eye’s will not look away. Strangely, somehow the peace within me grows even stronger. I can actually feel my heart doing triple beats.

He now stands before me and suddenly I am humble with adoration beyond my my wildest imagination. All I can see are his eye’s. Those eye’s….eye’s like I have never encountered…ever. Powerful, warm, loving, gripping eye’s. I feel I must look away but I can not.

He speaks…..”I love you.” How many times have I heard those words spoken to me before….But!! When I heard them this time they were different…so very different.  They were like a giant magnet that grabbed me and I knew….I knew they were never going to let me go.

He sits…we talk…It is Good !

My dream my God gave me this morning. He loves us, my family….HE LOVES US! Love Ya.

Shared with permission from Sharon Daugherty, who originally shared it on her Facebook page on 30 September, 2014.

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