My Response To Jihad

Iran’s Ayatollah wants to wage jihad against America, which he considers “the great satan”.

Our POTUS considers this a “historic opportunity”.

I agree….at what other time in history could some treasonous creep preside over the destruction of his own country while pretending to “make peace”? That is truly historic.

The phrase¬† “by peace he shall destroy wonderfully”¬† comes to mind here.

I’m convinced that the only way to deal with these savages is to give them the death they so insanely long for…. wait until Ramadan or some other muslim “holy day” and drop a couple 30k conventional warheads on Mecca and Medina, then announce to the islamic world that, in the future, any attempts to wage jihad in any form against American interests will result in their so-called “holy sites” being turned into glass parking lots, with the rest of the islamic world to follow based on their responses. Any nation that wishes to remain non-glass should get some serious religion about wiping islamic jihadists from the face of the earth and leaving the rest of us alone. Forever.

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