MMR Vaccine Causes Autism-CONFIRMED

Every now and then you see some news that should have been aired long ago but got buried instead by our libtard news media. Welcome to the world of Orwell’s “1984” and then some.

Today’s rant stems from the courts comfirming, albeit quietly, that the Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR) vaccine directly causes brain damage, resulting in autism. That’s right, folks….AUTISM. Don’t take my word alone for it, though. Go directly to this link to see an article posted on another news site. In addition, here is another link to a different article, written by the very doctor that first exposed this unsafe vaccine as a cause of autism.

The thing that galls me most is that, rather than admit or at least check whether this is so, governments the world over, with the help of their lemming-like news media, have persecuted, prosecuted, vilified and harassed the doctor that discovered this fact. The UK’s reaction? Why, they were more concerned about PROTECTING their MMR program than the children they were using this crap on. Canada had already wised up to the connection, but the British, of course, refused to even listen. Same here in the USA. And they wonder why nobody trusts them anymore.

If either of these stories disappear from their original sources I’ll post copies or transcripts of the originals. Until then, enjoy the links, and educate yourself!

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