I’ve decided to add some links to other sites, as well as some articles that I’ve found interesting. I hope you find some of them interesting as well.     A great place for worship and restoration: I’ve been worshipping here since 1998. Also known as “The Barn” or “The River”.     Truly unbiased news of interest to Americans. No  bias or censorship here….just the facts.     Association of Mature American Citizens: Tired of AARP and their disgusting and arrogant betrayal of American values? Go here instead, and get some real value. In the process, you’ll be supporting American, as well as Biblical values.     Christian Eductors Association International:  a Christian-based alternative to the NEA, which for some reason keeps moving further to the liberal/socialist left, even defying many of  it’s own members. Why pay dues to yet another organization that doesn’t share your views and values?     Lila Rose’s excellent pro-life website. An abundance of evidence posted here exposing the lies that Planned Parenthood uses to squander your tax dollars. Plenty of facts backed up with photographic and video evidence.     Another interesting pro-life site.      Institute for Creation Research: astonishing facts about our true origins, with lots of scientific evidence to back it all up.     RV/van/trailer/tent living: Bob Wells’ excellent first site on how to live cheaply and have a blast doing it! You’ll also find links here to Bob’s blog, as well as the forums.     Handy Bob’s excellent site: first-rate solar power info for saving you money.     Another frugal way to live: smaller houses! Loaded with great info and examples by folks already living the life of their dreams cheaply without all the headaches and stress of unnecessary and huge homes.     Everything you ever wanted to know about full or part-time employment for RV’es and campers.     A vintage technological marvel and a website dedicated to it. A lot of info here also applies to other DOS-based PC’s. The epitome of vintage technology.     This site is an Amateur Radio-based review of the Poqet Pc Plus. This handheld DOS PC is a ham radio operator’s dream in a little package.