Imagine THAT!!

Former President Clinton wanted more gun control. Nobody was buying it, especially when the liberal (useful idiots) media jumped on the bandwagon. Another “useful idiot” then ran past the White House firing randomly with an AK-47 clone. “See?!” said the useful-idiot-media…. “We need more gun control!!”  Still, nobody was buying it, and they knew it. The average American can smell a rat. Politics and the liberal media are chock-full of them. Regarding this event, I think the average American could care less if liberal/communist sympathizer like Clinton got offed by some nut with an rock upside the head, much less an assault rifle. I seriously doubt that most Americans would grieve too much at the loss of our current crowd of anti-American, Nazi-thinking politicians, either, especially knowing the mess they’ve made of our economy and our republic. Rather, they’d all think “What a tremendous waste of  life and opportunity….”

Don’t get me wrong here…I think even the most rabid gun nut would grieve at the waste of human life being lost to gun/explosive/gang violence. I just don’t think they’d grieve at their deaths any more than they currently do at the way these self-deluded liberals live their lives while systematically destroying ours.

Consider the following:

Instead of securing our borders, they’re more concerned with getting the votes of the illegal immigrants and squandering money that isn’t theirs to squander so they can maintain their illegal/immoral grasp on power and control.

Instead of getting rid of the violent criminals, they’re more interested in taking away your only reliable defense against such predators and leaving you at their mercy.

Instead of encouraging Americans to exercise their God-given and Constitutionally-affirmed rights, these “useful idiots” are so afraid you’ll hold them accountable for their treasonous acts that they’ll stop at nothing to place you in bondage to their control, lying every step of the way while, once again, they leave you powerless to defend yourself, much less rid yourselves of their bondage and control.

Now, some other “useful idiot” fires a couple bombs at the Boston Marathon and the “usefully idiotic” press screams, once again: “See?! We told you! We need more gun control!! You gun and bible-hugging extremists need to give up some of your liberty so we can ‘feel’ safer!!” You know what they mean….kinda’ like trying to eliminate drunk-drivers by stealing the cars of all good drivers so nobody has a car. Except the police or government “royalty”, of course.

Know this: I don’t care how many folks are shot or blown up. I’m not surrendering any of my precious liberties or rights so you can feel safer. One of our founding fathers stated that “Those who give up liberty for peace and security will have neither”. If you want to feel safer, teach your kids how to use a gun safely, to not mess with explosive ordinance, and leave people and things alone that don’t belong to them. Better yet, first repent of your own sins and believe the Gospel, then obey it by teaching others to do likewise.

Oh, wait….silly me! Someone already covered all this once….when He said:
“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Imagine that….simple….elegant….and actually works.

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