I’m Amazed

As each day passes by without a news release that traitors like Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, and McCain haven’t been shot for treason, I continue to be amazed at the longsuffering patience (or apathy) of the American Citizen.

Treason, as you know, is defined (and limited) by our Constitution as “giving aid and comfort to our enemies”. It is not defined anywhere as “exposing the corruption and/or violating the secrecy/security of your leaders”. Nobody in modern history has violated this Constitutional provision more than the aforementioned, and the fact that they are still alive testifies of God’s continued grace and forgiveness, whether they ask for it or not, whether they believe Him or not. It also speaks volumes of America’s patience, as well.

That said, I’m continually astonished that, while Snowden has exposed their illegal activities on a massive scale that should make him a national hero to the average citizen, he continues to be hunted down and vilified by our communist-loving press and treasonous “leaders”. Unfortunately, he isn’t helping his case by courting help from our enemies, and I find it amusing that those whose policies Obama loves so much refuse to help him catch the guy that exposed his corruption and national disgrace to the world.

One reason I believe the wicked live so long isn’t because they’re really so good after all….it’s because God is giving them time to repent. Traitors may deserve the death penalty, but the dead cannot repent of their sin.

Pray for Snowden, and don’t forget our obviously-clueless “leaders” while you’re at it….they all need it, whether they believe it or not.

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