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I’ve been unable to visit, let alone login to my site here at


I’ve compiled a list of currently inoperable/broken websites here at They are currently unavailable due to the following listed error messages:                   can’t find the server at           Not Found               can’t find the server at                      can’t find the server at             Search not found. Try again.    ???
dasoffenprogramme….    can’t find the server at               can’t find the server at
panickedzebra….              nada…zip           403 No Readable Content-perhaps empty website                    can’t find the server at           Error establishing a database connection           can’t find the server at
battleforserzthegame.      can’t find the server at          Unable to connect-is this a site or an app?                can’t find the server at             WordPress-Error establishing a database connection       WordPress-Error establishing a database connection           nada…zip             WordPress-Error establishing a database connection

You will note that “can’t find the server at….” is the same problem I’m currently having with my own page the past couple days. Two sites generated nothing at all, hence the “nada…zip” error. These sites couldn’t even return a simple error msg, let alone load.

A copy of the above note was sent to Steven Jones, since I’ve been unable to find any way of contacting anyone else regarding this. I have to wonder if my site is totally deleted, but says they still have an account by that name when I try to re-create it, even though it doesn’t show up in their list of sites. I really have no clue what causes this. Perhaps someone doesn’t like our content (mine is pretty benign), but I doubt it. Gotta’ wonder why doesn’t have some way of dealing with this, but it is, as I recall, a volunteer effort.

I created this website to deal with it the only way I can at this time. I can’t get to the forums to post, and it won’t let me create a new login or register to ask someone in the forums, so I’m stuck with this non-learning experience. I’ll consider my options over the next few days or weeks. I’m not sure I want to duplicate my previous site yet. Sometimes things are just not worth the effort, especially when you find that all your work can go up in a puff as soon as your back is turned. It’s like being married all over again.

That’s all I have to say for now.

73 de Mike



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