Dream of The Tree of Life

4:30am Sun 27 Nov 2011

I was standing before the Tree of Life and looking over the scene in shock and awe. It was large, with a crown about the size of a house, full of leaves and fruit. The form was well-rounded, flawless, and each fruit was about the size of a large tomato. There was an abundance of fruit already on the ground, and I was amazed that there appeared to be almost nobody picking any up to eat them. They were in varying states of decay, as some had been sitting there on the ground for some time. I couldn’t understand why people weren’t storming the grounds to get these fruits–there were so many, and they were going to waste!

I became aware of others nearby, but not many. I thought I’d need a large gunny-sack to get as many of these as possible to bring home to share with friends and loved ones, but I was also half-afraid to touch them myself. This was, after all,  the Tree of Life!

As I was pondering these things a young lady, perhaps in her teens or twenties, ran up and lunged onto her elbows and knees scooping one of the fruits up in both hands. It had been there long enough to become somewhat flat, about 3/4-1-inch thick. She seemed totally uninhibited, and began to lick the skin of the fruit by moving it in a circular motion over her tongue. I noticed a wound high on the right side of her head above her temple, and blood was trickling down over her cheek. As she licked the fruit, the blood ran backwards into the wound, and the flesh closed up. Within a few seconds you couldn’t see any sign that she had been wounded at all. She had the most amazed expression on her face, like one that just got born-again and filled with the Holy Ghost, only magnified many times over! However powerful the effect was on her body, the effect on the inside of her was infinately greater!  She saw me watching, and offered me the fruit she held to try it, and I took it, licking it once.

The effect was immediate inside me, and I could feel it changing something inside my heart and mind, even down into the deepest part of my spirit. I thought to myself: “If just one lick does this to us, what happens when we eat one bite, or even a whole fruit?”  I couldn’t even begin to grasp how powerful it would be!  I instantly wanted to grab as much as I could and bring it home to share with everyone!

Later in my dream, some of us were describing our experience, and I told them it appeared to me to be tomato-like in appearance, although I don’t know how to describe the flavor of it at all, as I only tasted the outer skin, and that just once. The young lady that had the wound healed said it was pear-like in taste and appearance to her, and yet another said it was like an apple in taste and form. All of this, even though we obviously saw and tasted the same fruit from the same tree. The only difference was us. Each of us was different, therefore our needs and perspectives were different. After this I woke up and it was like a dream, but I could still feel the effects of that one taste, even many hours later after church as I related the dream to Pastor Paul Bishop, who advised me to record it.

11:45am Mon 28 Nov 2011

I’ve found that every time I just think about these things it stirs everything back up inside of me all over again, as though it had just happened! All morning Sunday during church services I wept with gratitude that I was counted worthy to receive such an experience. The lingering effects of it cause me to wonder if it was merely a dream, or if the others, as well as myself, were actually there. If we were actually there, I’m sure we’ll meet again at some time in the future, the lord willing….

Looking back, some interesting things can be observed from this revelation:

1)  If you’ve tasted the fruit of the Tree of Life, you just can’t help but be changed, and it will be dramatic.
2)  The inner changes will by far outstrip the outer changes.
3)  If you’ve tasted of it and found it good, you can’t help but want to share it with others.
4)  If this doesn’t cause a profound sense of gratitude in you, something’s wrong.
5)  Don’t be surprised when merely thinking of these experiences causes the effects to stir up and renew all over again just as powerfully as when it first happened to you! This is exactly what happens to me.
6)  While elders and old-timers may be awe-struck with what God’s doing, watch how the younger generation and newcomers to Christ dive in without any inhibitions at all. This is a “holy hunger” and should be guarded, as well as cultivated. A lot of us old-timers could learn a lesson here.
7)  Don’t discount the power of “old truth”, which still has enough power in it to deliver and heal many wounds.
8)  The fruits on the ground indicate that God is making this easier to get to, as not everyone can pluck the fruit directly from The Tree of Life. Some may take of what falls to the ground, while some must be served by others, as newborns.

I’ve since started looking more closely at scriptural references to the Tree of Life and noted some interesting things, some of which I detail below the following scripture quote:

Revelation (King James Ver.)
1)  And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
2)  In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Notice the words in italics? They’re not in the original language, having been added (supposedly) for clarity. This gives rise to the most common interpretation of this passage: that there are 12 different kinds of fruit on the Tree of Life. Now, what do you suppose happens when we leave the added language out thusly:

“….the tree of life, which bare twelve fruits….”

This could conceivably change the meaning in some scriptures, or enlighten one to an alternate, or hidden meaning, which in no way alters the other, nor renders it obsolete. Those who’ve understood “onion layers” or “types and shadows” will have no trouble following this. Hence: Jesus, being also the Firstfruit unto the Father, is here manifested as The Tree of Life, and the apostles are the twelve fruits He bore. This, of course, will never contradict the other, more common literal meaning. We’re simply pealing another layer off the onion here. The apostles are described elsewhere in the Book of Revelations as “twelve foundations”. You can also say that Jesus, manifested as the Tree of Life, always brings forth Godly foundational order, as signified by the number of fruits (12).

11:55pm Mon 05 Dec. 2011

As I previously noted, any time I even think about this experience, it’s like re-living it all over again with the same feelings and details still vivid in my mind. I hope this continues, and I hope the effects are life-changing and everlasting! I’ve also shared this with another brother in Christ and found he also had a similar dream about the same night I had mine. Both dreams revealed an “open Heaven” and an invitation to partake. I believe this is confirmation to us that God is about to give us an open Heaven here in the local body of Christ, and I’m looking forward to seeing what God will do in the future.

I may edit this in the future if my meditations and studies reveal anything of further relevance and value.

Grace and peace through Jesus Christ our Lord….
Mike Hamilton

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