Dad Has A Dream

A while back I published a condensed version of this on my facebook page. I thought I’d like to share it in it’s entirety here, as the lessons learned from it are valid for all of us:

A few months ago my dad walks in from his bedroom and tells me about a weird dream he keeps having. In his dream, “Ladie”  (the basset hound) kept getting into the DeCon poison trays Dad set out to kill bugs, and it was poisoning her. I told him that “Dreams and their interpretation are the Lord’s”, which is the same thing Joseph told Pharoah of Egypt. “It is”, I explained, “God’s way of speaking to us of things that are important to us, as well as things that are important to Him.”

Fast-forward a while: He walks in one morning and tells me to find all those decon poison trays he put out and get rid of them.  It seems he continues to have the same recurring dream, in which his basset hound was “getting into them and poisoning herself”. Dad may not be big on dreams or spiritual things, but he loves his doggie. I got rid of all the poison trays that day.

Now, the thing I don’t think he understands, and which I tried to explain to him, is this: While this dream speaks of something important to him (his dog), I feel it also speaks of things important to God….perhaps getting rid of things in his life that poison his house, or his relationships. It is entirely possible that God is instructing him to “set your house in order, and get rid of those things in your life that don’t produce good fruit, or good results”, which has been on his mind a lot lately (he’s 83). This would also refer to attitudes, desires, mindsets or prejudices that don’t bear good fruit. In addition, the fact that this is a recurring dream to him tells me that this is established by God. That is, if he doesn’t take warning and do something about this to correct it, he will suffer the consequences for his failure to act.

Many times a dream will have such a dual interpretation, and both can be valid. In this case, God is obviously warning dad about his dog because God is also concerned about the things that concern us. What may not be so obvious is God’s warning to also pay attention to things that are important to Him, such as things that may or may not bear good fruit or give good results.

God has a variety of ways in which He speaks to us, and He often uses things in our natural realm to teach us about things in His spiritual realm. So….what do your dreams tell you?


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