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I love to ride the Adena Bike Trail, which runs south from Nelsonville to Athens, and then east a few more miles. The round-trip distance of this ride is about 46 miles, depending on whether you take any side-detours. I’ve seen some interesting things along this route, and one of them is this cabin shown below. It’s tiny and cute. Admit it, now….don’t you just want to live there?

Tiny Cabin along Athena Bikeway

Sometimes I don’t see anything different at all from the norm. Last fall, however, I saw something while stopping to talk to some local area residents. A group of recumbent bike riders went by, and when I saw them approach I just had to get a couple pix in. One of these is below:

I believe there is enough detail in this photo to determine that these bikes are likely home-built from other machines, but I could be wrong. They bear strong resemblance to similar machines I’ve seen on home-built websites recently. I never gave a thought to this when I first saw them, but after looking up such things on the web I’d say the possibility is strong. Either way, these are nice machines, and the ride would be very smooth judging by the geometry of these bikes. I passed these guys later on after turning back towards Hocking Tech, which was easy to do, considering their laid-back pace, which was about 10-13mph compared to my 15-20mph. I have no clue how far they went that day, and I didn’t see them again after passing them.

Sunday, 06 May 2012
I took an nice ride today down to Lake Logan in southern Ohio. I was surprised to see how many folks were at the beach and on the water there today, as I fully expected to have the entire beach to myself. The water was nice and cool, though, but not frigid. As I was packing my stuff to leave, I saw a most unusual site, at least for this time of year. A small Cicada had perched itself on my bike tire. It was still very soft and pliable. These insects usually come out only around August. I forgot to take a picture of it, but a few minutes later, and just a couple hundred yards down the road, I saw this Black Snake sunning itself along the edge of the road. He made a retreat when I turned around and pulled out the cellphone camera.

Black SnakeI didn’t see anything else on my way home that got my attention, but I did notice my blood pressure is much better after such a nice, relaxing ride. Taking a nice swim didn’t hurt, either. My butt hurts, but it won’t be sore forever, and I’ll be riding much farther soon enough. I plan on riding to Nelsonville and back, then on down to Athens via the Adena Bike Trail and back. This will be part of my “Get back in shape”  plan. Can’t act like a couch potato forever, you know!

Sunday, 20 May, 2012
Sometimes I see something interesting when not on my bike, like today’s photo. I was getting gas in a nearby town when a guy on a Harley look-alike pulled in with his dog sitting in a milk crate behind his seat. The black and white patch behind his shoulder says: “Tell your kids to stop pointing at me!”

Hawg Dawg

Hawg Dawg








August 2015 Ride
I was riding along a bike trail I frequent and saw one of the most spectacular Chicken Of The Woods flushes I’ve seen. Naturally, I stopped and took a picture of it, even though I had nothing to carry any home with. It’s April 2017 and I’m just now adding this pic to my previous post so, yes, I’m slow to keep up.

Perhaps I’ll find other interesting mushrooms to post here this year. The season is just getting started!

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