California’s Water Problem

California’s Governor Brown has issued an executive order requiring everyone to cut back water usage by 25%. It may be too little too late, as California has spent the last 100 years or so trying to use water like it all was an unlimited entitlement. Many nations have nowhere near the water in any given year that California squanders. It was originally large tracts of desert scrub and, while I think it was unwise to plant stuff there that doesn’t naturally grow in this type of land, the fact remains that they did, and we all have enjoyed it’s benefits.

California is facing the worst drought in it’s history. While some may regard this as a natural “judgement” against this state for tolerating wickedness and sin, the Christian community nationwide must never forget three important things:

1) Pray for them. They need it, and so does their land.
2) You shall not rejoice when the calamity of the wicked comes upon them.
3) A huge percentage of our fruit and produce comes from California. Don’t think for a moment that you will not be affected by what happens to them.

The first is a sacred duty of all saints, while the second is a commandment God gave His people back in old testament times, and is still valid today. After all, there is no “big” or “little” sin in God’s sight, for any sin is still sin, and we all are sinful by our very nature.

That third item? It’s just common sense. Perhaps it’s also time to pray about starting your own produce garden while learning some water retention and conservation techniques. It wouldn’t hurt any of us to not be so dependent on others to grow our food. It doesn’t come from store shelves, after all.

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