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A Cute QRP SWR Meter

Some years back I made a cute little resistive SWR bridge and tossed it in a box. Recently I decided to share it with whoever may find this site. The only critical element to this unit is the resistors in … Continue reading

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Guest Post From Jessica Joy

Today’s guest post comes from Jessica Joy, a former porn star and sex industry worker who returned to Christ is now working furiously to put an end to pornography and it’s evil effects on our society. “Pastor, Monday is coming.” … Continue reading

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On Transgendered Bathrooms

Back in the late 70‘s and early 80‘s, we had roadside rests just northwest of Lancaster on State Route #33, and just north of town on State Route #37. At the time, homosexuals were using these for their meetings so … Continue reading

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That Wondrous Name

words and music by Michael P. Hamilton, 2000 (Verse 1) In my mind there was confusion; in my heart, no melody And things that I held dear just made me see All along I never really was as free as … Continue reading

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words and music by Michael P. Hamilton, March 1976 (Verse 1) You’re another year older….another year young And I love you more today than when we begun With each passing day I know our love will grow just like a … Continue reading

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