Welcome! My name is Mike Hamilton, and I live in Fairfield County, Ohio. I’m a Christian that tried to run from the Lord (didn’t work) and I’m now back to stay. This site is one of my links to the outside world; a repository of stuff I wanted to record or share with friends. It’s also a learning experience. My other main interests are the Bible, music, bicycle riding, amateur radio, and electronics.

I am currently attending worship services at River Valley Life Center, also known as  “The River” or “The Barn”, under the excellent leadership of Pastors Paul and Paula Bishop. I’ve been attending there since I came back to the Lord in late 1998, and I’ve been playing bass guitar in the worship services since about 2000. I’ve been known to play some rythm and lead guitar, as well, when other bass players were available. I’ve written some music from time to time, and may share it here on this site in the future.

Now, about that picture above….This was taken on the south side of the road just outside of Nelsonville, Ohio as you’re going towards Lake Hope. Originally used as coal-fired furnaces for smelting iron ore, they have been preserved as a local park.

One last thing: This site replaces my original site on motd.org which has not been working for me for quite a while. You can read more about this on this site by going to my “Categories”, clicking on “The Occasional Rant” and then viewing  “Message Of The Day!”.  If or when I figure out what happened on the old site I’ll likely fix it, but until then all my work will be stored here. Feel free to check out the different categories and whatever I’ve put in them. I’m taking my time with this, so I may not have much in here for a while yet. I’m still debating on restoring or moving old files to this site. This may take some time, as I haven’t used an FTP client since Mosaic (remember that?) under Win3.11!