A Cute QRP SWR Meter

Some years back I made a cute little resistive SWR bridge and tossed it in a box. Recently I decided to share it with whoever may find this site. The only critical element to this unit is the resistors in the bridge circuit, which must be large enough to dissipate the power coming from your transmitter. I used three 150-ohm, 1/2-watt carbon resistors in parallel for each arm of this bridge, giving me a 1.5-watt capacity. Another item you may wish to consider is using a Schottky diode¬† with it’s .25V drop instead of germanium, which has a .4V drop. The container is a widely-available Pamona box, which I got at a hamfest. The diminutive meter was also a hamfest purchase. Both of these items can be found, and ordered,¬† from various sources online.

The images below are hi-resolution. If you click on one of them, it will likely fill your screen, providing maximum detail.

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