Those Missing IRS Emails

Sooo….the IRS lost all those pesky emails in a series of “accidental glitches” and “crashes”….what a convenient coincidence.

I suggest that anybody go to the National Archives, where all government agencies and branches are required by law to store documents relating to what they do and have done. There, you will find a nearly-empty section reserved exclusively for the IRS. And “Why is this section empty?”, you might ask?

It seems, according to the IRS’s own (and only) historian ever hired (and then fired for doing her job), that the IRS routinely shreds all evidence of anything that it does to cover their tracks. The reason they cited (in private) for doing this is that leaving paper creates a paper trail, and paper trails lead to potential liability and accountability. The reason they cite in public is that everyone is entitled to privacy, and therefore the IRS is protecting our privacy. Failure to cover one’s butt is one of the absolute worst possible offenses an IRS employee can make. The former historian makes all of this clear in her book “Unlimited Power”, which you might still find on Amazon or other places that sell books. It is an astonishing look into the mindset of IRS employees and how they “do their jobs”.

The purpose of the National Archives is so that future generations and agencies can learn from past mistakes. Now, how do you figure they’re gonna’ do that if there is no records to learn from? Of course, that doesn’t stop them from saving anything that you send them and using it against you. Even the United States Military stores it’s records here in accordance with Federal Laws. The IRS, it seems, is only interested in collecting your hard-earned money by any means possible and covering their own petty rumps. None of the current “revelations” astonish me, therefore, and neither should they astonish you.

My best friend once said that there would be corruption in high places. You really don’t think that He just said that to sound cool, do you?

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