Earthquake dream 1974

I was watching a news broadcast about a series of earthquakes of immense proportions. The first one was in the central USA along the Mississippi River, and it triggered a second quake nearby. These two then seemed to feed each other and triggered two more earthquakes. One was along the southeastern seaboard, and most of Florida and the eastern seaboard up through the Carolinas were now in the sea. The other was along the west coast, and quakes were triggered all the way down the west coast into South America as far as the southern tip of Argentina.

Immediately after this I saw another newscaster talking about a new emblem which he was holding in his hand. It was about four inches in diameter, and had what looked like an equilateral triangle made of small-diameter rope or twine. The lower-right side extended just a bit past the corner, and the bottom side was curved like a “rocker”. Inside the triangle was the image of a face, somewhat human and yet somewhat lion-like in appearance.

The newscaster was acting like a salesman giving his “pitch”, waving the emblem around while saying: “This is our symbol! This is our unity!”

This is when I woke up and realized it was a dream. It was mid-1974, and I’d never seen such a thing in any of my dreams before. I shared it with the congregation where I attended church at the time. That church is no longer around, while some of the saints from that congregation are serving God in other groups and areas.

Over 40 years have come and gone since I had this dream, and I still struggle understanding the symbols and images in it. Thousands of years ago Joseph, the son of Israel/Jacob said that “Dreams and their interpretation are The Lord’s.”  I believe this is just as true today. There isn’t any place recorded in scripture where satan gives anyone dreams. He is a thief and a liar. He comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, and this is what he’d like to do to our dreams, as well as our lives. Don’t let him. Hold onto your dreams, and ask God for understanding and direction concerning them. He loves to answer our prayers!

I believe this dream speaks of powerful spiritual events that God has already manifested in the earth, particularly starting in the central United States of America, and that these events will continue to strengthen one another and trigger more events across the nation. I believe these events will continue to trigger more events that will manifest down southward along the west coasts even to the southernmost parts of Argentina. I think we have never seen anything quite like this before, and it will happen prior to another series of events that will shake the world like never before, and I further believe there is nothing our government will be able to do to stop these events.

Update 02 Sept, 2013:
The first quake represents a latter-day Holy Ghost outpouring that took place about a century ago, and has since triggered similar outpourings in the southeastern US, as well as on the west coast. I believe this either has, or soon will spread southward into Central and South America. The Bible tells us that “….the earth will be filled with His glory….” and I fully believe this to be so. One thing we can see from history is that, no matter how much or how frantic the efforts of governments to limit or exterminate the Gospel message and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit, the more fruitless and destined to failure they are.

God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

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