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Windows or Linux

I use Linux on everything here, with one exception…. a netbook that came with WinXP pre-installed on it. I shrunk the win-doze partition and installed two versions of Linux on the drive in separate partitions. My main interests in this … Continue reading

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Windoze Security

The following originally appeared on the Club100 Mailing List. I obtained permission from it’s author to share it with others a short time later, so here it is for the benefit of all. Thanks, Merch! Rumor has it that “VBJ” … Continue reading

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The Daily Moron-UPDATE!!

Sometimes, the behavior of the politically-correct crowd defies all reason or logic. I guess it’s time for a “Daily Moron” award, which must, and quite probably will precede another “Darwin Award”. Today’s “Daily Moron” award goes to a jounalist who … Continue reading

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