Jaclyn Dene’ Elkins’ Guest Post

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some very remarkable people over the years, and most of them have been in the very church group I’ve been worshipping with since late 1998. Below is something originally posted by one of the young ladies at our church, and it originally appeared on her Facebook page. I shared it, with her permission, on my original website before it went down, and thought this would be a good time to share it again, so here it is:

Truth, UNLESS REDISCOVERED, becomes tradition.
by Jaclyn Dene’ Elkins on Sunday, November 13, 2011 at 4:50am

One night before bed, my mind was so loud, I could not sleep. Writing always seems to quiet my mind, so I got out my pen and paper and started to write, call it word vomit, if you will. I just started listing every single badgering question, doubt, worry and failure that, far too often, consumes my every thought, feeling and action. As I saw these questions emerge from my pen, the Lord immediately reminded me of His Word and answered every question, assured each doubt, calmed each worry, and reminded me of who He says I am and what I am entitled to as His Child. As the Lord spoke to me, I couldn’t write fast enough. I began to sit up straighter, my shoulders fell from my ears, and I took, what felt like, the first deep breath I’ve had in a long time. A new peace settled my spirit and a spark of determination ignited to take back what the enemy stole from me! If the devil only knew what I am going to be after this storm, he wouldn’t have bothered me! His Word is more than spiritual bread. That night, I felt His word bring physical health back to my bones. After all, we do not live on bread alone. Here is the writing that came of my restless night:

How did I get here? Who am I?
I feel so small. Do you even hear my cry?
People all around me, Why do I feel so alone?
Worry and sadness like I’ve never known.
Tear-stained pillows and sleepless nights
My mind is a battle-field and everyday a fight
So tired and broken, I wait for my defeat
Then I am reminded who resides beneath who’s feet!

He says:
I am yours and you are mine.
I bought you with my very life.
You are not alone. You are engraved in my palm.
I will wipe every tear and every fear calm.
There is rest in me. My yolk easy and burden light
I did not give you that spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND!

But I made a mess of me. I’m so sorry.
Mistakes and shame are whats become of me.
I accepted failure as my demise.
Forgot the truth and believed the lies.
I’m so tired and broken. All I want to do is sleep.
Then I am reminded who resides beneath who’s feet.

He says:
You are not a mess to me.  In fact, a MASTERPIECE!
You are not your mistakes. I buried them at Calvary.
Not a failure, but a conqueror and the apple of My eye.

~PSALM 73: 26

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