On Transgendered Bathrooms

Back in the late 70‘s and early 80‘s, we had roadside rests just northwest of Lancaster on State Route #33, and just north of town on State Route #37. At the time, homosexuals were using these for their meetings so much that local law-enforcement came to refer to each of these parks as “Lollipop Park”. Their perverted activities were carried out in full view of visiting travelers and their families, including little children, who obviously didn’t understand what they were seeing. The homosexuals and other perverts frequenting these parks didn’t care if anyone was watching or not, and carried on in full view of these visitors as if such public displays of depravity were the norm, rather than the exception. Complaints were made to local law-enforcement, and eventually a series of arrests were made, complete with the publishing of names and dates, to the utter horror of the participants, who never expected to be arrested, much less publicly exposed for their activities. Some were married, some were businessmen, some may have had political connections….you get the idea.

What many may not recall from this period is the name of a man who made these parks a regular stop whenever he needed cash quickly. He made headlines as “The Campus Rapist”, but his real name was Billy Milligan, and a book called “The Minds Of Billy Milligan” was later released revealing his story, in part. It was one of the first books of this kind exposing the reality of Multiple Personality Disorder, along with “Sybil” and “Shattered”.

Billy would go into these parks and prey on the homosexuals, beating and/or robbing them for fast cash. At trial, it was revealed that one of his many personalities would assume control of him to commit such crimes. The rapes were committed by a lesbian personality. I believe there were 16 personalities in all, but there may have been more or less, as I’m recalling this from memory after 25-30 years. I’m unaware of further details of his life, nor of the many arrested at these parks for their activities.

The point is, you won’t see any roadside rests along these routes, and haven’t for years, as they became such a public nuisance that they were torn down years ago, as was one along State Route #22 west of Lancaster. One remains along State Route #33 south of Lancaster towards the intersection of State Route #180, and I’m unaware of any nefarious activities that may or may not be going on there.

The point of this is very simple: There were ample evidences of what would happen if transgendered individuals were allowed to go into whatever bathroom they wish, as such things have happened before. One must wonder, therefore, what happened to the law-enforcement officers who made the arrests at these, and other such places? Have they all retired, or otherwise been silenced by official policies? Why have we not heard from them, and why has this information not been shouted from the housetops for the rest of the world to see? Must we keep allowing the same dumb things over and over again with the same tragic results? What ever happened to protecting our most vulnerable citizens? By now, the entire nation has seen news coverage of various perverts once-again getting arrested for their latest activities in public bathrooms, and still everyone seems mesmerized by the lies of the transgenders and homosexuals, among other predators who are obviously not as “well-intentioned” as they say they are.

I propose a simple solution to this dilema that will eliminate risks for everyone concerned: Phase out multiple-occupent bathrooms, and replace them with individual, gender-nuetral bathrooms that allow only one occupent per room, and without the shortened walls that allow the next-door occupent to look over or under the stall walls. A larger room could be easily made to accomodate those with disabilities, and nobody will have to worry about some pervert trying to violate them or their privacy, much less their most vulnerable loved ones.

Americans have some simple decisions to make, and time is running out.

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That Wondrous Name

words and music by Michael P. Hamilton, 2000

(Verse 1)
In my mind there was confusion; in my heart, no melody
And things that I held dear just made me see
All along I never really was as free as friends that I had known made me believe
I was just a young man walking on my way through life, never knowing where the path I trod would lead
I walked a long and endless road of misery never knowing that a savior died for me to set me free

Anticipation filled my heart one day
Then Jesus came and took my sins away
He put a new song in my heart to stay
For me He came and gave His Name–that wondrous name!

(Verse 2)
Now and then I think about the way that I have lived
I knew how to take but Jesus taught me how to give
I’ve known the pain of loneliness and I’ve known the pain of loss
I’ve known the power of He who gave His life upon the cross
I have known the suffering of love that has gone wrong
I’ve known the emptiness of wondering “Where do I belong?”
I’ve known the crushing weight of satan and his hoards
But I know that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

(Chorus, then up 1/2)

(Verse 3)
Although many times I’ve stumbled and fallen short of Him
Though I’ve often hurt the ones I loved through selfishness and sin
And though I’ve gone so far from Him I was sure I’d go insane
I have found my Savior’s grace is still the same
Now my mind has no confusion; my heart has melodies
Like a sparkling crystal river flowing up and out of me
Though satan and his minions often tried to torment me
Still I know that who the Son of Man sets free is free, indeed!


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words and music by Michael P. Hamilton, March 1976

(Verse 1)
You’re another year older….another year young
And I love you more today than when we begun
With each passing day I know our love will grow just like a lovely rose
‘Cause I love you more today in every way
Happy birthday to you

(Verse 2)
Just saying “Happy birthday!” would just never do
I’ll find some special way to say “I love you!”
With each passing year I’ll hold you near and whisper in your ear
On your special day, in my special way
“Happy birthday!” to you

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Well Done

words & music by Michael P. Hamilton 2000AD

(Verse 1)
I am there beside you each and every day
My Spirit and my Word I give to guide you on your way
In your hour of desperation I’m always there to teach you what to say
I was watching joyfully when you first came to me
And I am always here for you in times you cannot see
Even when the world around you is crumbling in despair
Even in those lonely times when no one else around you seems to care…
I’ll be there

(Verse 2)
Watching, waiting patiently for each of you to see
As the trial and testing of your faith gives way to victory
Even though the road seems oh, so long I know that it will bring you
Close to me
Many times the road seems oh, so rough and you don’t know where to go
And I know at times it seems that you’ll be crushed beneath your load
But I want so much to show you all the joy you bring to me
And all the things that I’ve prepared for each and every one that will believe!

There are many things that I’ve prepared I long to show to you
And oh, the things I’d do if you would only ask me to
You just can’t imagine all the love I have for you
Or how I long to say these words to you: “Well done”
“Well done, my child! Enter into the joy that’s just begun!”

(Verse 3)
As the child is to their fathers; you are even so to me
I won’t let you slip away. You’re precious, can’t you see?
In those times when you are oh, so low I’ll be there providing
what you need
Now, I know that many times, my child, you’re crushed by doubt and fear
Afraid you’ll never measure up and I won’t let you near
But there isn’t time enough to tell how much you mean to me
And soon, my child the world will know: The truth I bring through you will set men free!

There are many things that I’ve prepared I long to show to you
And oh, the things I’d do if you would only ask me to!
You just can’t imagine all the love I have for you
Or how I long to say these words to you: “Well done!”
“Well done, my child! Enter into the joy that’s just begun!”

(Chorus 2)
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Guest post from Tammi Skidmore

This is for anyone wandering if God is real, or not. He is! Read my story and see.

I heard my parents praying that I would make it through the night…..Around 3am. something woke me up and I wasn’t sick anymore. I saw Him standing, holding out His arms to me. He really did have a robe on. And sandals, too. I could see the crown of thorns on His head, but the halo of light blinded His actual facial features. He stood there with His hands outstretched toward me and said, “Come to Me, My child.” I pinched myself to make sure what I was seeing was not a dream and wanted nothing more than to walk into the arms of Jesus for a hug! I went to get up and go to Him, but when I did I took my eyes off Him to push myself up off the couch and He was gone.

Next morning I was at the breakfast table with the rest of the family when I made this announcement. “Oh! By the way, there was a man in the house last night!. Mom nearly choked on her coffee, then asked very calmly, “Did you know this man?” When I relied “Yes!” she choked her coffee down again. You could see she was brewing up a tantrum, thinking that someone we know had the audacity to come into our home while we slept! I immediately put her mind to rest by telling her, “No mom! It was Jesus!” Then came another choke on her coffee! Oh how it must have felt to raise a kid such as me! Hehe! Mom asked me a bunch of questions as to what He looked like, what was He wearing and things like that, when I told her, “Mom, let me tell you from the beginning everything that happened.” When I got to the part where He spoke those words, “Come to Me, My child.” mom nearly choked on her coffee once again. She said in a very excited voice, “He spoke to you?!” Well, I didn’t think anything about that! Why wouldn’t He speak to me? But, mom said all the books she’s read where people have told their stories of seeing Jesus, none or very few of them ever wrote that He spoke orally to them.

As a little girl, I just assumed this was a “somewhat normal” thing that happened. As an adult, I don’t know of a single person who has had the same experience. I don’t know why this happened to me, but I know one thing! God sent His Son to pay me a visit! Why? It doesn’t matter. You may say He came to heal me that night, but I know there was much more to it than that. All through the years I have known that God is real and I could never ever deny Him because He sent His Son to come pay me a visit! For those of you who may be reading this, if you know me then you know I would never ever make this up because I fear God. He is my Father and like any good father, if your child told a lie, the child would get reprimanded in one way or another. Just strike me dead, God if this is a lie! You only need to truly fear God if you are not walking in His light! Please God, I pray this helps someone to realize how very real You really are.

PS. I will get my hug one day!

Administrator note:  This was originally posted by Tammi (Herron) Skidmore on her Facebook page on 12 Sept, 2015. I was given permission to place a copy here as a guest post. I have some amazing friends!

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